Backup & Disaster Recover Don’t let a disaster ruin your day

Backups Solutions Will Save you Big Time

We often take for granted how valuable is the information we have in our company and how it makes the company more productive. ​​

Disasters can strike any time in different forms like natural disaster (electrical surge, flood, fire), accidental (equipment failure, human error), intentional (sabotage by employees, burglary) and ransomware.​

TechNet New England has created solid plans for many companies from startups to mid-size businesses.​

How does it work?​

All your data is backed up and kept in our secure data centers 24/7/365 and when disaster strikes you will not suffer the consequences.​

What are Backup Solutions?

Backup and recovery software is considered to provide business continuity and avoid critical data loss, even while data centers grow more complex. While backup solutions provide a tragedy recovery solution, they may also be used for workload migration. Additionally, some backup solutions are designed to meet data archiving and storage needs in compliance-governed industries. Modern software-defined backup solutions provide imitation and backup of data in a vendor and hardware again
Maximum businesses may depend on backup solutions that come with the server operating system, or built-in server backup. However, this comes up to create vulnerabilities due to a lack of transparency. It means the company may have various non-integrated data protection solutions. This is not viable for larger enterprises where transparency and policy-based governance rules exist. And for virtualization heavy environments, virtualization-aware data backup solutions are key.
​Our technology advisors will create a recovery plan to prepare you to return to normal operations in no time.

TechNet New England backup and disaster recovery:

  • Prepares you from day 1 ONE
  • Trains you and your staff so they know what to do when disaster strikes
  • Recovers your data like nothing ever happened
  • Keeps all your data in our secure data centers for the time you decide allowing you to recover 24/7/365

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