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What is VoIP or Voice over system?​

If you are paying too much for your phone system it’s time to convert now!​

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) carries voice via data networks, a fundamental change from analog Plain Old Telephone Service, which remains in use after over 100 years. VoIP brings the advantages of packet-switched networks, such as lower cost and resiliency, to the telephone.

Benefit from VoIP services from TechNet New England:

  • Keep your number – transfer your number(s) or get a new one.
  • Trusted IT Support– don’t depend on the big guys and wait for them to be available to fix the issue.
  • Economy scale – keep cost low while your business grow. One man shop or call center, we got you.
  • Increase efficiency – customize the system the way you want.
  • Small initial investment – your ROI in no time. Invest in a system that will last for years worry free.

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